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Jimmy Kimmel Live
Quasi sun bathing
Blue Ribbon
Out for a stroll
Chillin' on the porch
Yeah, you should be jealous
Where's my treat
Casual Doggy
Quasi Modo all love
Quasi Modo Scratch right here.
Posing for the camera
Found something interesting
This is all love
Who's the bigger dog?


Quasi Modo was crowned "The World's Ugliest Dog" in 2015. She's the most beautiful dog in the world to us. She was rescued as a pup; there was little hope for her and the vet didn't think she'd make it with the severe spinal birth defect. I'm glad they were wrong. 

Quasi has the sweetest disposition of any dog we've known. She's friendly and patient and very loving. Her looks can be startling but that's what makes her so unique. Her first film role was for a movie that was shot right here on the ranch. Since then she's become an international celebrity bringing joy to all who meet her. 

Here are some links and clips from her whirlwind tour making TV appearances and giving interviews. BTW, she does require a single Milkbone brand dog treat in her dressing room on a small velvet pillow and exactly three blue gummy bears imported from Germany. Oh, and she only drinks imported French spring water - <just kidding>.

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