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G&M Ranch is the homestead of Mike Carroll and Dr. Ginnie.  10 beautifully landscaped acres sit off the main road in a quiet country setting.  G&M Ranch is much more than just a home - it's a collection of professions, hobbies and interests all centered in one location.

Mike Carroll Bio

Hillclimber Crew Chief


For the past 3 Decades I have had several restoration projects. No sales, just collecting. It all started off in 1987 with an 84 Lumber tin sign nailed up on the garage wall. Then a few more signs... then a 1940 Gilbarco gas pump. The fire was lit and burning well. Several more pumps, a ’29 Ford, a few Mercury outboard motors, a ’48 Ford, traffic lights, more signs, a 69 Pontiac, more pumps, and of course, Dr. Ginnie with a superb collection of Hog Oilers.


After graduating high school in 1965, Bay City, Michigan, 100 miles north of Detroit, I had a quick little ’55 Chevy 2 - door H.T. and also a B/SR ’29 Ford Roadster with a 301-2-4’s, 4-speed. I left for an unbelievable job at Ace Wilson’s Royal Pontiac in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit. Ace was a nationally known Pontiac dealer of performance cars. I was a line mechanic under Charlie Brumfield and installed many a bobcat kit. Ace also campaigned with 2 GTO Tigers throughout the country. I was in Horsepower Heaven – lots of street racing.


It was then about time for me to get the draft board physical. My dad talked with the army recruiter and they thought I would be well suited for an aviation mechanic. I signed up... It also helped with the piled up traffic tickets I had collected (the judge dismissed several).

January 20th, 1966 I took the oath, as promised I attended a couple aviation mechanic schools then landed in Vung Tau, Vietnam, October 20th , 1966. I found Chinooks were much like my cars... lots of horse power... noisy, awesome horsepower, and constant maintenance.


January of 1967, I volunteered for flight status, and an extra $55 as Crew Chief. I got to see the real Vietnam during the day giving support to the infantry and artillery Units and the occasional downed aircraft recovery, and then return every night to a safe dry bunk in Vung Tau.


Project 425 is allowing me to relive my younger days and in a lot of cases reuniting with the same people of the Vietnam area both enlisted men and officers.


I often reflect on my gearhead days of the 60’s thru 80’s with some of the Street, Asphalt and Dirt round de round, and Drag cars I built and drove.

Dr. Ginnie Sayre

Veterinarian & Animal Lover

I grew up at the end of a dirt road in Plant City Florida. This is where I developed a love of farm life and animals.


I enjoyed learning new things and sports and did well enough in high school to be able to attend the University of Florida. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the University of Florida Veterinary School.


I love animals! I have always had pets and they share a big part of my life. Whether it's horses, dogs, cats or really any animal, I feel a connection to them. I've dedicated my life caring for animals and work with several groups; most recently at a large animal shelter. 

I hate to see rescue animals suffer and it does my heart good whenever I can find a caring family to adopt a dog or cat. I also treat animal ailments and over the years have gotten better at my craft. 


Life is good here at the G&M Ranch and if you ever visit, you'll see I have a few animals that we have rescued over the years.





A cast-off, deformed puppy took hold of our hearts and has been our constant friend.

Quasi's first film appearance on her trip to stardom.

Crowned "The Ugliest Dog in the World 2015".

See events and news here.

Film & Photo

Locations and Props for your next shoot.

M35A2 1965 Kaiser total restoration Vehicle #2
1929 Ford Pick up
Our work

Project 425

Project 425 was created to keep alive the memory of aircrews who flew in Vietnam by restoring a UH-1H Huey (68-16425) and presenting it in parades and as a hands on display at local events. It is a private effort relying solely on donations. Mike Carroll was a former Chinook crew chief in Vietnam with the 147 ASHC Hillclimbers. Using his own money, donated parts, and volunteer help, he restored a Bell Helicopter UH-1H Huey #68-16425 to display condition. 

The Huey has 2000 combat hours chiefly with B Company, 123rd Aviation Battalion, Chu Lai, Vietnam. It is placed on an aluminum custom trailer built by Mike and is used in parades and shown at local events as a "hands on" display.

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